Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit – Modular Indoor Vertical Planter System

Have you been staring at that blank boring wall and dreaming of seeing a lush green living wall garden in its place? There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a vertical wall garden, but conventional living walls can be costly to install and difficult to maintain.

At Vertibloom, we think you’ve been suffering with the sight of that drab white wall for far too long. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate Wall Garden Starter Kit! Our wall garden system will help you green your blank wall in no time, and our wall planters require no complicated irrigation systems or difficult maintenance techniques. It’s the simple way to create the indoor wall planter of your dreams!

In our wall garden kit, you’ll receive:

-2 Mounting Boards that serve as the base for your vertical wall planter set-up

-2 small & 1 large pods for herbs

-2 small & 1 large pods for flowers

-Removable drain trays for each wall planter pod

-All of the necessary screws, drywall anchors, brackets & connectors for creating your living wall planter setup

With just a few basic tools, you can get the mounting boards from the wall garden kit set up on your wall. Then, arrange the pods however you please to create your own custom wall garden. Purchase multiple starter kits to expand the size.The ways you can set up your living wall planter arrangement are truly limited only by your imagination.

When you choose Vertibloom for your wall planters, you’ll benefit from our revolutionary drip tray design. The simple-to-use trays let you water your vertical wall garden in minutes without ever having to clean up leaks, drips or spills. Unlike other vertical wall planter components, our pods have flat bottoms, so you can move them to a windowsill for extra light!

Say goodbye to that boring empty wall for good! Re-invent it

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3 thoughts on “Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit – Modular Indoor Vertical Planter System

  1. A fun little vertical garden that’s not just for inside use … The Vertibloom doesn’t necessarily have to be used inside, but rather we decided to go the outside route. Installation was quick and easy, but if you are mounting them on something like clapboards, attach them to the lower part. When we did the “wall” stayed level and it was easier to insert the pods. The little Vertibloom garden we created is under some eaves, but if we get a downpour I can easily remove the pods and bring them inside.The mounting boards don’t necessarily have…

  2. Indoor garden Vertibloom Garden StarterThis is beyond the coolest indoor starter kit, first off you mount it right on your wall which is really neat I have not seen one of those before and it really does make a great looking decoration to liven up your room. Now this kit comes with 2 mounting boards which you can either have them side by side, diagonal, or even on two different walls if you want. It also comes with 6 different size pods which with them you are able to place them on the boards how ever…

  3. Living Wall Garden, Starter kit – for plants/herbs/flowers – Multi-use, Can be used for organization – Pods detach, many sizes! SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Yes this garden starter kit would be EXCELLENT for plants, (a living wall garden) but did you also know it makes a wonderful organization tool as well!?Interchangeable, (Add) as many or as few PODS as needed. I use this very amazing vertibloom system right next to my work station. I love that I can rearrange the pods to sit where I want them to, I can have as many on the base board as I would like. The pods are easy to add or remove by simply slipping them into a…

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