Pullkalia – 50 Pcs DIY Hydroponic colonization cups Flower Container Plant Grow Pot Cup Hydroponics Vertical Tower Plant Pots accessories


Nursery pots provide you with long-lasting moisture. Timing watering only nutrient solution,no need to add soil to the cultivation of organic green vegetables.

Soilless culture carrier Advantage
1.No dirt, clean and sanitary
2.The organic cultivation of vegetables at ease
3.Vigorous growth, higher yields
4.Three-dimensional cultivation, saving space

Package include:
50 pcs nursery pots Or 50 pcs nursery pots + 50 pcs sponges

Use of new materials, durable, mesh size is moderate, very suitable for a variety of soilless cultivation equipment
Suit for celery, leeks and other leafy, cucumbers, tomatoes and other fruits or vegetables using
Sponge block cut openings for easy clip seedlings,used to fixed vegetable seedlings, protect vegetable seedling root.

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