Prudance® Vertical Wall Garden Planter, 7 Pockets, Wall Mount Planter Solution


Do you love the outdoors and gardening, and would like a unique way of decorating an outdoor wall?

Would you like a premium wall planter that can hold up to seven different varieties of plants?

If so, the Prudance Gardens 7 Pocket Vertical Wall Garden Planter is the best garden planter for you!

The Planter can hold up to 7 different plants in a vertical arrangement, allowing the plants to grow into a great wall covering which can be easily removed. The planter is manufactured from eco-friendly, non toxic material and is easily mounted to any outdoor wall.

Measuring 11.8 in x 40 in, the planter is designed to provide the best growing conditions for your plants and contains strong and durable pockets which retain high levels of water for perfect growing conditions while preventing water stagnation. The Planter is hung using strong, reinforced metal eyelets and can be stacked with other similar products to cover a large wall area.

The Planter is a premium product with a number of market leading features, including:

– Made of eco friendly and non toxic materials for safe, long term use.

– Measures 11.8 in x 40 in, ideal for covering large outdoor wall areas.

– Can be easily fixed to a wall using reinforced metal eyelets for strength.

– 7 pockets designed with felt material which retain water and release them slowly, creating the perfect soil conditions.

– You can match several planters together to cover large wall areas.

*To avoid possibile water damage,it is recommended to keep a gap from the wall,or,add a water-resisting layer in between.

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3 thoughts on “Prudance® Vertical Wall Garden Planter, 7 Pockets, Wall Mount Planter Solution

  1. Some serious flaws to what could have been a great product. There are 2 major problems with these planters. One is that the pockets are small, so small that there are limited choices for what you could plant that would grow to it’s full potential. I intended using 2 for strawberries and one for lettuce. I kept one for mesclun and am sending back the 2 I intended for strawberries. The other major flaw, which was the deal breaker for me, is that the fabric is not waterproof in the back that is up against the wall. The product is sold for…

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