Mr. Stacky Indoor Verical Hydroponics Tower, 6-tier tower

Whether you are a beginning grower or avid hydroponics gardener this system is perfect for you. It is simple, smart, space saving, aesthetically pleasing, and cost effective all in one. Just assemble the product, plant, fill, set the timer, and plug in. Use with Soil, Hydroponic, or Aquaponic gardening. With this unique design, oxygen enters into the water as water falls from each level allowing plants to thrive. (6) Mr. Stacky Pots – 24 Planting Locations Decorative half whiskey barrel Support Pipes Tubing Adapters Water Distribution Head Submersible Pump Digital Minute Interval Timer Plant Food Coco Peat Growing Medium Video Instructions Available Growers Support and Online Growing Community on Mr Stacky Facebook Page

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Stacky Indoor Verical Hydroponics Tower, 6-tier tower

  1. An ingenious and well made system I am using the Mr. Stacky system for aquaponics instead of hydroponics. For hydroponics, all you need is growing medium (hydroton is what I use and it’s working nicely), decent water, seeds and nutrients. Oh, and lights, of course.My system is next to a big fish tank and the water goes back and forth between the two units to create a full ecosystem. It’s been a challenge to set up, but the Mr. Stacky unit has been perfect. It’s well made, easy to set up (for hydroponics), the pump…

  2. Paid for convenience If I had all of the power tools necessary I know I definitely could have made a similar system for much less, but I paid for the convenience I guess. I attempted to assemble the tower today only to find that the PVC pipe included was 1″, not 1/2″ diameter, so it wouldn’t fit through the holes of the Mr. Stacky pots. The try provided bottom tray had a very obviously drilled hole to enlarge the one normally there so it would fit over the PVC. After some creative heating and cutting of…

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