Large Vertical Garden: Indoor and Outdoor Stackable Planters: Stack a Pot With Internal Irrigation for: Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers: 2 Pack in 10 Color Combos by Stackapots Mega Tubs

Stack­a­pots Mega Tubs indoor, outdoor, vertical stacking planters provide a way to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers all year around. This planter is different from many of the other planters in that each layer can hold 20 liters of soil, for 80 liters in a 4 layer stack planter. This provides the extra room (9″) for roots, for those plants that need it.

The patented self­watering design means you only have to water your plants every 3 to 14 days, depending on temperature and humidity. Each tub in the 4 layers has a 1 liter water reservoir that keeps watering your plants in between waterings. It is important to place on level surface, or shim up low spot of planter until it’s level, for the water to drip through the planter evenly.

The compact design only takes up 23″L x 21″ W x 34.5″ tall, when 4 tub layers with 13 growing spots are used per planter. The tubs can be stacked up to 8 layers with it’s strong engineering design. With smaller plants, two can be planted per growing spot. Sit back and watch your vegetables, small fruit, and flowers grow indoors, almost to the ceiling.

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