Bekith Vertical Wall Garden Planter, 7 Pockets Wall Mount Planter Solution

Bekith Premium 7-pocket Vertical Garden Planter is perfect for creating your Dream Garden, boost your Health & Lifestyle.Ideal vertical gardening solution for any space or area, like a balcony or patio, as an indoor planter or outdoor planters. Grow herbs, your own plants, flowers, succulents, healthy fruit or vegetables. Our vertical garden pots and planters are made from premium eco-friendly recycled materials to reduce your footprint on the environment. The felt pockets of each hanging planter are breathable, while wicking away unwanted water from your plants.

How to use:
* Simply hang on hooks and drip-line waters automatically, or by hand
* Moisture wicks through the felt
* Screw Planter into the fasteners
* The front stays dry and drip free
* Extra water drips to planter below or to a gutter to recirculat

* To avoid possible water damage, it is recommended to keep a gap from the wall, or add a water-resisting layer in between.

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2 thoughts on “Bekith Vertical Wall Garden Planter, 7 Pockets Wall Mount Planter Solution

  1. Handy little planter! This turned out to be a wonderful way to get something growing on a small (and VERY sunny) section of my balcony, and it couldn’t have been easier to setup! Not too wide, but not overly narrow(but a smidge shallow, however almost every vertical planter I’ve seen is about the same dimension-wise on this aspect), the possibilities border on endless regarding how to use this!I myself will be planting my most heavily-used cooking herbs in mine, and I’m looking forward to just walking…

  2. Great planter I wanted this garden planter for herbs since I have a hungry rabbit that is always eyeing my garden. I was going to hang it on the edge of my porch but it turned out that it was a little too high for me to reach the top. It was about 8 feet up. I ended up nailing it to a tree. I hope I didn’t make the tree mad. It is now the perfect height and easy to water when I need to. The pockets are plenty deep and wide enough to grow herbs. I am happy with it. I do not think I will have a problem…

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