Active Grow T5 High Output 4FT LED Grow Light Tubes for Vertical Racks & Indoor Gardens – 24 Watts (54W Rep.) – Sun White Spectrum (High CRI 95) – Direct Replacement – UL Listed – 4-Pack



The Active Grow T5 24W High-Output 4FT lamp is a plug and play LED tube that replaces T5 54W HO 4FT fluorescent lamps and features lower power consumption, double the PPF efficiency and 100% more effective spectrums for plant growth. Active Grow T5 LED tubes also increase the rate of plant growth by up to 20%. The T5 HO LED lamp is suitable for use with a wide range of Instant Start and Programmed Start ballasts so installation is easy as no wiring is required. *Disclaimer: Check Compatibility List for Compatible Electronic Ballasts at Not Compatible with Single Unit T5 HO Fixtures.

Spectral Analysis

Sun White Spectrum – Bring the sunlight indoors with the Sun White Spectrum that features 15+ higher CRI than traditional fluorescents and other LED lamps. This light covers the majority of the PAR (400-700 nm) range and makes it easy to see any issues with plant development.

Suitable for the following plant species

🌱Amaranth 🌱Arugula 🌱Basil 🌱Peppers 🌱Beets 🌱Broccoli 🌱Buckwheat 🌱Clones 🌱Celery 🌱Chia 🌱Cilantro 🌱Citrus 🌱Clover 🌱Collard Greens 🌱Dill 🌱Flax 🌱Kale 🌱Lettuce (Romaine, Boston, Iceberg) 🌱Mustard Greens 🌱 Orchids 🌱 Pothos 🌱 Rubber Plant 🌱 Spinach 🌱Succulents 🌱Swiss Chard 🌱Turnip 🌱And more…

About Active Grow

Active Grow is a horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington, that is developing the next generation of sustainable solutions for growers that want to save energy and grow smarter. Compared to traditional HPS, HID and fluorescent lamps, Active Grow LED lighting systems use less energy, have higher photon efficacy and utilize more effective spectrums for plant growth. Active Grow LED horticulture lights are industry recognized for their performance and are built to commercial grade quality for use by every type of grower. Learn more about us at

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